Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taking This Show on the Road

OK boys and girls, just like the title says I am taking this sheeeeet live. Until the first week of July I plan to play live 5-6 days per week. Don't fret, you can still get my updates on this new thing the young whipper snappers are calling twitter.... My name there is cracknaces and hopefully I will figure all this crap out so I can post from the tables. This works out well for all of you bored working stiffs I guess, you can live vicariously through me from your cubicles! Or you can sit back and laugh (haters know who they are) as I get two outed on again for $100K, whichever you prefer... Here is what's on the agenda until July 5th.

- I will be working off a pretty slim live allowance I have set for myself ($15K). I have every intention of winning something or losing all of this, whichever comes first. No blinders I do not want an ROI lesson or "bankroll management" advice. This is straight up gamble money, plain and simple....

- A very steady dose of $2/$5 cash ONLY at Rio, Bellagio, MGM, or Caesars. That's right, F Venetian and their rocks! I will play these after MTTs, or on days when there are no MTTs going on that I am interested in. Without a doubt though I will be playing cash all night long every Friday and Saturday, if I am not feel free to kick my ass.

- At least 4 MTTs per week. There are plenty to choose from right now between WSOP, Venetian, Caesars, Binions, even the Golden Nugget. As of now I only plan to play one WSOP event, the gay $1500 that Hoyazo is in and other bloggers I am sure. Please don't contact me with % swaps unless you have won something before, unless I get 1/2 of you and you get 1% of me :)

- A lot of satellites at RIO, Venetian, Caesars. These things are very profitable for anyone with any grasp of ICM, SNG theory, patience, and well basically common sense. As an added bonus you get to crush people's dreams in the process! WSOP sats are ideal because there are more bad players and lamers are easy to sell off (or at least they used to be). If I get hot in satellites like I did in 06 I will play a lot of events though, just never RAZZ again EVER!

Things are going to start off slowly as I have some loose ends to tie up before I dive into this venture. I will not be playing until Saturday unfortunately. Rest is what I really need right now, I am still hung over from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.... Saturday I will probably play the $300 NLHE over at Golden Nugget only because the field will be small and its not a 2 day event. The damn TOC is killing me, I can't commit to a two-day event because of it, and my favorite game (HORSE) is being played at Venetian Sunday :(

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