Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Fucking Hate You

You Dirty Cunt of an MTT!!! GET FUCKING AIDS!#%$#%@$!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suicide Sunday...

Bout to give a couple thousand bucks away today, pray you are at my table and never fold!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Think FTOPS Is Not Watered Down?

Yeah, I am gonna have to say they run FTOPS waaaaaaaay to often and need to infuse some other tournament series ideas.....

Live Poker Eats Cock!

-Set over set on literally the second hand T82-4-2 on the board and I only called the river cause I felt something horrible, was right, guy has TT, I show him what I had and he insta-tilts.... I probably should of gone broke here, but like I said I felt something was up. On-line I go busto there every time though I promise :)

-OESD+Flush Draw+Two Overs, called down by middle pair

-AQ, Q high flop, guy slow played KK in level two

-Go from 2800 (started with 12K) to 14K by the break and 35K near dinner

-KK vs AJ, 25K all in re re raise by AJ off UTG, JJ4 flop....

-Build back to 24K

-KK all in AGAIN 20 minutes after the first, called by QA, A first card off, GG me, live players are soooo good.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Am I So Results Orientated?

So I made a couple final tables today at FTP... That's right, I have been playin g on FTP for like a week or two now. Apparently my doom switch is still stuck in the on position as obviously somebody at Full Tilt has AIDS and took great offense to my remarks of the past..... I have had countless deep runs the past couple days only to get all in good and lose every time it seems when it matters most. Case in point the $32K tonight.
I had the chip lead from about three tables down, raising about every pot and winning non-stop uncontested. At the final table I go pretty dead after losing a race AQ vs 88. I get AK with 6 left vs table crazy and shorty. I floated the crazy for 90K and shorty moves 280K all in, crazy shoves all in, now there is about 3mil in the pot. Obviously I have to call here since I am race or killing this guy.... So I end up chopping a 3mil chip pot which I would of had four handed vs 800K and lower of the 3 remaining players!
See most people are happy to get 4th of 1700+ rabid donks (imagine running through a field of 1700 mookie players)! I am steaming right now, pissed as hell! I guess someday I will just be able to count my lucky stars... Really after that hand happened I got 88 all in vs shorty who had KK, and lost 77 vs AQ 4 handed, hands that play themselves. But like the title of this post indicated I am way to results orientated, I can't stand not winning :(
This one hurt as well..... It is a turbo though so I can stomach not winning this one a lot more easily than the others. Just go card dead on final table and lose every race, its very easy!!
Starting to notice a recurring theme from this evening yet? I mean seriously, a guy rivered a gutter ball on this final table vs me in big pot, get K8 all in last hand, A88 flop, A river, gg me.... F You FTP and your hatred for AIDS jokes!!!

Anyway, made ghey final table of HORSE, never really got anything going. Got it in good in RAZZ and lost, what else is new. Lost RAZZ MTT at FTP yesterday in 2nd place to the worst poker player in history. I mean that guy made pirate lawyers poker ability look like Doyle Brunson! He was that HIDEOUS! Admittedly though I played like ass myself after watching these people play RAZZ I went bananas a couple times...

Gonna skip work today and head over to Venetian with Don and Dollar Sign AKA: Smokkee so I can donate $330 to the peeps over there. I have never run good at this hell hole in my entire life! When I used to play live a lot I final tabled like probably a dozen times there and NEVER won outright! Chopped a tiny one once though at least I guess.... I am such an idiot for even going over there for this, may the force be with me....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Knowledge Drop

The Super Bowl is rigged....

- I get up to piss after beer number 14, come back, James Harrison's big ass is huffing and puffing down the sidelines.... Not even a minute before that I was explaining to my wife that the only way that bet loses is if there is a 100 yard turnover housed! "That will never happen in the SB, only shit teams like the Lions do that stuff".....

- Only 27 points on the board in the 4th quarter, "this Under is in the bag baby!"