Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day One

Well the $560 at Venetian sucked balls as I knew it would. I busted before the first break even. We started with 15K chips, blinds were 75/150 when I have three "Venetian hands" happen to me in a span of 11 minutes I bet. AK vs AQ, A44 flop, bet, I raise, call, turn 6, bets, I raise, call, river Q, bets, I just call, he tables AQ. AK again, raise pre, re raise, call, AK4 flop, check, bet, call, turn 7, check, bet, raise, I just call, river 9, bets, I just call cause I have sick Venetian feeling, yes he tables 444. The very next hand, raise, re raise, call AK hearts. Flop A94 with two hearts, so nut flush draw + TPTK, check, bet, check raise, ship it, call, 999, turn heart, river pairs, gg me.... I played cash for half hour waiting for break to check on CK only to find a typical Venetian $2/$5 game, 4 guys over 70 and three Asians.... Yeah, cya!

Off to Caesars... There is a wait for $2/$5 so I get on list and sit at $1/$3. First hand I get, KK, raise to $15, make it $40 on Btn, SB shoves $140, OR re ships $240, I'm not good enough to fold KK here, MTT maybe, not in $1/$3 though. SB proudly displays QQ, OR tables AQ, neither get there, thx guys.... OK so maybe I'm going to just stick to this table I say. So later this guy and myself were going to war all night, I was already sitting on like $900, he had $400. He raises, I just call with AQ, like I had been all night, floating or re-raising him every chance I had. The look of misery on his face was just so worth it, I couldn't help it. Flop QQ4 two diamonds weeee!!! He bets $40, I make it $95 to disguise my hand and further piss him off. He makes it $220 and tells me "i'm not going to let you hit your flush draw". So I say OK, awwwwllll in since I am 1000% sure he is strong and calling. He turns over KQ, the dealer deals the turn and river. After I show him AQ he says "I never called". This was perhaps the funniest thing I have ever heard. I called floor over, turn over turn and river and explained to him what happened. Floor laughs and tells the dealer to give me the pot. God I hate cheating fucks. So I jizzed off couple hundred to others, but finished this tool box off with 79 sooooted and he goes bezerk, literally ran out of the room cursing. God that was one of the best cash sessions I've ever had. I could of lost and just been happy to life tilt someone THAT HARD!! All told I left with $1250, not bad for a $1/$3 game. This further proves my claim that cash at the more touristy hotels is MUCH BETTER. F YOU VENETIAN!!

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BWoP said...

It's funny how polar opposite we are when it comes to poker rooms.