Monday, December 22, 2008


I guess you can't win them all. Even though I am greatly disappointed that this is my first UB final table without a 1st place I guess I have to happy with a top 3 finish..... Hoyazo final tabled this one last night, got 5th after taking two vicious beats on the final table. UB is EZ!

I am taking the next couple weeks off from poker to spend time with family for the holidays. Not sure when or if I will be back to play. I love poker, but it is consuming. I spent a lot of time losing weight and trying to repair myself from what poker did to me. Some people can find a balance, I cannot. I go 100 MPH or 0 MPH in everything I do..... Being lazy and sitting in front of my monitor all day playing time consuming MTTs drives me insane anymore, even when I am winning!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Cliff Notes:

- I am the greatest poker blogger of all time

- Flopped set, smokkee calls about half his stack off to hit a flush with Q2

- APOC crippled me on final table when he cold called stack off with 66.

- Down to 2K (we started with 5K), I get KJ all in next hand vs JJ, K on river BINK!

- STB gifted me an entire chip leaders stack on two hands, even stacking off to smokkee earlier with 55 after the tightest blogger alive raised in EP and 4 overs on the board he CALLS shove with 55 on turn....

- Almost knocked Wonka out, hits two outter on river....

- I get it all in 1:3 vs Wonka, make full hizzouse, I win third bodonkey in a row!

- Receive 15 instant messages thanking me for making them $250....


Thank You Bodog for rightfully awarding me everything that I deserved (being the greatest player of all time and all).


I really don't even know what to say anymore. On a side note the "Bododonkey Final" is tonight. No doubt waffles and others will make this SNG seem like the end all be all. So whoever wins the "free roll" is the greatest player alive FYI.... I have the worst odds of winning of every participant according to bodog. Too bad they will only let me bet $25.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Someone Should Request an Investigation

Because I won this tournament again, yawn..... For some reason the screen never updated, but I won 1st, KOH (smokkee) was there hatin, ask him... That is 3/6 days, wtf is that all about? This is how it feels to be sprstoner and/or lucko21 I guess, just win every crucial race, be on right side of coolers and you are god..... I would also like to report that UB cash outs only take three days, pretty unreal if you ask me!

Near miss in this donkament.... Funny story, didn't even know I was at the final table for the longest time because I was so busy winning bodonkey and the other one. I also had a stack in the money of another UB MTT, so I slacked here and probably cost myself a chance since stacks get shallow so fast at bodog.

Yeah, I won this thing somehow. Special thanks to the call stations and overall bad players shorthanded in this thing. Remarkably though I am not guaranteed a seat in the finals of this thing even though I have 1/2/4/5 place finishes. What kind of fucked up ass system is this?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ultimate Bet Poker is Also Rigged

UB/Absolute are on the same poker network now called Cerus. Ever since that 60 minutes episode I am starting to think less and less that these places are rigged. Or maybe they simply made be the super all-seeing bot?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Absolute Poker is So Rigged!

Obviously nobody should ever play there, especially tonight for the first time..... One would have to be a complete idiot to deposit at this place and play an MTT!! Clearly this place is just full of bots that can see all of your hole cards......