Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Won another MSOP Event, this one MLHE. I was super short three handed and cracked KK with Q6, never looked back from there. If only I could ever run good in live MTT :( I lose like its my job as 3:1 fav in live MTTs.... Haven't been playing at all for over a week really, family commitments. I am 99% playing either the $1500 WSOP, the $500 at Venetian, or the Omaha /8 over at Nugget this Saturday. Kind of hard to justify playing WSOP with their shit structure and high buy ins.... Plus I still have that money bubbling fresh in my head all in pre with AK vs KJ for twice avg stack 10-15 from money.... After all my other close calls at RIO its hard to even walk in the place. It would be like a rape victim willingly going back to her rape seen. What kind of sicko does that?


jjok said...

well done man. Considering how awful the "other" FT quarterly series has been for you, nice to see you kill the MSOP.

And good luck this weekend......keep us posted

smokkee said...

another watch? fuggin hell man.

GL at Venetian, that place is like poker hell.

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