Friday, May 29, 2009

Holy God (Allah, or whatever)

I never post my wins anymore, seems kind of pointless and nothing but a grab at attention to me... I HAVE TO POST THIS ONE THOUGH. This is hardly the biggest win monetarily, but man I think I am more proud of this one than ANY in my past. I want you to imagine 1500 $15 tournament players playing LIMIT Omaha /8 and you winning that. Doesn't seem possible right? I took at least 94 bad beats, I was short a lot, yet somehow won this Mini WSOP thing!!!

They even give you a watch ahhahaha!! Probably a little plastic piece of shit, but whatever. You will see that watch on EBAY in no time, so buy it and tell your friends lies. Like the guy who bought a WSOP chip I stole from the RAZZ event in 06 for $400. I bet he uses it as a card protector and tells his home game peeps "I played the big one".

Won this not even 24 hours later and I don't even care. ANY MONKEY can run good in NLHE :) Unfortunately my run good juice died out two hours before the final table and I was forced to play "smokkee/blinders/buddydank wait for huge hands cause I am so short poker" :(


Fuel55 said...

Nice one fish.

BWoP said...

An asshat holding four cards is twice the asshat.

jjok said...

nice man!