Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been Awhile

Many people would say I have been running well of late. I on the other hand would say that I have been running like total shit.... First the good I guess since I never post anything here.

1st in $25K
1st in $28K
1st in $20K
1st in $5K (HORSE)
1st in $4K (PLHE)
2nd in $11K
2nd in $50K
2nd in $6K (PLHE)
3rd in $32K
5th in $18K
6th in $30K

I would say these all took place from mid-March on. So how could I be running bad you ask? I swear to fucking christ (someone else if you are Jewish) I have final table bubbled or gotten 8th or 9th no less than a dozen freaking times in between all that. The fucking worst was Sunday when I was in a $50 on Stars with like 2600 runner, 1st is $20K, I get AQ vs AK blind vs blind and KK all in pre vs AQ on 5 handed table (final table bubble). So I go from 3rd in chips to crippled with a "blinders stack" and out in 9th. Yeah, I am an ungrateful ass so eat my cock anyone who thinks that....

I also continue to run like shit in $200s on Sunday, I seriously fucking wish FTP would let me ban myself from Sunday Majors. Not cause the buy-ins are a ton or anything, just cause I have zero fucking prayer in any of them and I know it. So I guess I am insane because I continue to play them for some ungodly fucking reason. Poker is like fucking heroin, you are always chasing the dragon only a couple lucksacks ever get the opportunity to touch. Most importantly I have yet to win a mookie.... I will still never be considered good in the eyes of peers until I am lucky enough to get rail roaded with cards to call everyone's all ins with in one of those. Since after all that is the only way to win one of those.... I'd give back all the $ for one mookie title :(

OK, just to give people something to laugh at I am gonna play my nuts (yes I have two unlike a blogger or two we all know) off during FTOPS. I am a sadist or something, I just don't get it.... I have never in my life done well in FTOPS. The best I ever did was like 15th or something in a $500 PLO event awhile back. PLO doesn't count for shit unfortunately in my book as it is a total luck sack skill less game IMO. Calling PLO poker is like calling RAZZ poker, even though there is more strategy in freaking UNO than RAZZ! So I have the next couple weeks off, so if I were you I would register for every event I am in since there is at least one dead money ass in it (me).

Memo to FTP, you have so many fucking promotions going on and leader boards that I have no fucking clue what is what. Trying to decipher that shit would give Albert Einstein a headache. Simplify things geniuses!

While on the subject of FTP, isn't it dumb to pimp your poker school with the picture of a washed up dinosaur like Howard Lederer? That guy hasn't won shit since poker became relevant right? He is the smartest poker player alive though, he just collects the rake and counts money all day, but still.... Why not use some real players like Allen Cunningham or something to teach people to play better?


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smokkee said...

GL tilt monkey

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

WTF are you talking about, winning the Mookie is awwwwwwwl skillllll, always has been.

Nice sour grapes.

Bayne_S said...

WTF is the Allen Cunningham praise

Weren't you punishing him in FTOPS 2?