Friday, May 29, 2009

BBT Odds

OK, I am too lazy for the groupings.... Believe it or not, once you get off a computer for awhile you dread going back :) if your name is not on the list its because I have no clue who you are, sorry. There are 41 "players" in the TOC as I type this, with two events to go. I am 100% confident though that one of the same lucktrucks that keep getting slapped by the deck will take down the final two BBT events.

125Will(20.5/1) Not a lot of experience or major wins in bloggerments or real poker that I know of.
Queensup(2/1) This doesn't mean I think QueensUp can play poker, its just that this guy gets more cards and wins more races than anyone I have ever seen in my life (not named Jordan).
AlcantHang(41/1) Nice guy, host of BBT afterall, but just doesn't play much poker.
APOSEC(10/1) More tight solid player than most bloggers.
F-Train(19/1) Never met a pair or two pretty picture cards that he did not like. Absent of getting a deck spanking, just can't see it.
Buddydank(41/1) Way to tight and timid, yet somehow always gets paid off by idiot bloggers who CALL his all ins. News flash people, buddy has AK, AA, KK, QQ every time he ships it pre....
CK31(15/1) Understands poker, just not much tournament savvy yet. She only gets higher odds than most because she has a vag and it really seems to me that these guys fold to girls like its cool in BBT....
Columbo(7/1) Columbo has really mixed his game up, some days he is spew monkey, others he plays tighter than BuddyDank, Smokkee, Blinders combined. This makes him pretty tough to play against IMO.
DrPauly(1/1) I figure since he was already given a seat for free the deck will be stacked for him....
HighOnPoker(1/12,050) This guy just simply cannot lose.... He calls all in with KJ, guy has KT, he calls with 55, guy has 44. It really is very unfortunate that this guy cannot run like this in a REAL tournament ONE TIME, he would be millionaire. Short term luck is just more probable in small fields, so a field of 41 I can't see how this guy will lose!
Hoyazo(82/1) Like me, I am sure Hoy will tilt out of this thing about half way through due to not getting any strong starting hands, watching the same people get big hands over and over, and watching AJ vs 44 all in pres. So basically hoy might as well skip this event.
JJOK(5/1) Guy only played like one event and won a Mookie no less! If he can run like that once in a mookie, can't see why it won't happen again.
Joanne(41/1) Too easy here, she limp calls its marginal, raises its huge. Yet people still pay her off..... Anyone who limp calls off stack UTG with 66 needs to step back, play less, read more, formulate a better strategy. Or perhaps just take up pulling slot machines or playing bingo?
Lucko(9/1) If Lucko gets his share of big starting hands he could easily win this. I have the feeling though some limp callers later on are going to kill him with A6o all night though :(
MiamiDon(12/1) This guy will piss off so many people on the radio, during the MTT, or in his blog that if he gets any cards whatsoever he will get paid.
PushMonkey(41/1) Name says it all right?
Pvanharibo(1/1) Just like lucko, very aggro pre flop, will fire every flop, very susceptible to a slow player with a hand. This group however seems to fold a lot to her, like CK (see the vag effect on CKs post). She should be able to amass a huge stack just raising every pot pre really....
QRS1(8/1) Pretty tight aggro player, usually has pretty good hand when all in. I also believe this is a woman, so again, see vag power. If nobody knows she is a woman though she won't get the same folds sadly. If I was her I would email every player in the TOC before the TOC with topless photos, I'm just sayin....
Rakefeeder(42/1) Not much to say that you don't know....
ShabazzJenkins(4/1) Shabazz has been a pretty good player for awhile now, he deserves this win IMO.
Smokkee(5/1) I predict $mokkee will get it all in pre vs dumb people like usual, win more than his share, once shorthanded though he will come apart at the seems and get 3rd. $mokkee is always the bridesmaid when real money/prizes are on the line :(
TuscJohn(1/1,000,000) This guy runs so Fing good its silly! If he doesn't win it will be collapse similar to NE losing to NYG in SB.
Vinnay(41/1) Errr no


lightning36 said...

You were pretty freakin' funny last night on BDR. The other guys needed to drink more.

I particularly liked your comment about seeing how some bloggers will react to playing for some real cashish. The TOC should be interesting.

SirFWALGMan said...

I have much experience with people hate calling you.. or just calling to bust you.. it seems like it would pay off but alas not. MiamiDon odds too high even if he is a great player.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Uh, after reading your last couple of posts I just wish I ran 1/1,000,000th as good as you have lately. ;)