Friday, December 12, 2008

Someone Should Request an Investigation

Because I won this tournament again, yawn..... For some reason the screen never updated, but I won 1st, KOH (smokkee) was there hatin, ask him... That is 3/6 days, wtf is that all about? This is how it feels to be sprstoner and/or lucko21 I guess, just win every crucial race, be on right side of coolers and you are god..... I would also like to report that UB cash outs only take three days, pretty unreal if you ask me!

Near miss in this donkament.... Funny story, didn't even know I was at the final table for the longest time because I was so busy winning bodonkey and the other one. I also had a stack in the money of another UB MTT, so I slacked here and probably cost myself a chance since stacks get shallow so fast at bodog.

Yeah, I won this thing somehow. Special thanks to the call stations and overall bad players shorthanded in this thing. Remarkably though I am not guaranteed a seat in the finals of this thing even though I have 1/2/4/5 place finishes. What kind of fucked up ass system is this?


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

$mokkee said...

knowledge drop:

it's a cruel world. there are no guarantees in life.

UB is so rigged