Sunday, September 13, 2009

Growth as a Sports Fan

OK, I will not rant about how every media memeber and person who has never played football gives the QB all the credit and all the blame. Most of you will just never understand how dependant a QB is on his team. I can understand this because I have just not realized that a high percentage of football fans have in fact never played football. That's cool, I get it.....

Anyway, Tennis has become my silly little closet obsession. Even though I feel like a little faggot sometimes coming out of the closet watching tennis I have to admit, this is one helluva sport!!!! All these media a-holes everywhere lick people like Tiger Wookds taint all day when the fact of the matter is Roger Federerer and many other tennis players are 55 times the athlete Woods will ever be! Yeah, I can hear all you golf fans gasping..... I have news for all of you, GOLF IS NOT A SPORT, IT IS A HOBBY!!! Comparing golfs best player every day on sportscenter is like comparing the worlds chess champion to Michael Phelps, POINTLESS! He swings a little stick at a little white ball! Gold is 100% mental! If you do not believe me I have one name for you, JOHNfuckinDALY! If this guy is an athlete I am flying to Maui to win the IronMan contest next week! Golf is (used to be) the white mans one claim to athletic excellence, it is time to finally recognize this GAME is not a spot. Anyway, back to tennis. These people are incredible athletes, and they deserve way more ESPN time than people who swing thin sticks (waffles penis joke obv) at small white balls... End of Rant /


Schaubs said...

Define "sport" and you might have an argument.

This has been an ongoing discussion that will never be agreed upon by everyone.

You make some good points overall.

GL in the ironman!

SirFWALGMan said...

I miss you closet fag.

lightning36 said...

I've found men's tennis to be relatively uninteresting ever since the days of Connors and McEnroe. Women's tennis, however, always seems to have good, competetive play, backbiting and drama, and hot athletic women. What's not to love?